Church funerals offer an opportunity to say farewell and to celebrate a life in many ways through singing, music, a eulogy and readings. When we are bereaved, music can be uplifting and a great source of comfort and consolation. It can also express how we feel more eloquently than words at a time when the right words can be hard to find. Sometimes a beautiful song, sung at a painful time in our lives enables us to move through these thresholds in life and can bring acceptance. Grace has sung at many funerals and sings with compassion, empathy and sincerity. She understands how difficult it is to lose a loved one and will offer you as much support and help as possible when choosing songs for the ceremony.

Removal ( Sample Layout of Ceremony)

Opening (song)

Psalm (song)

Closing (song)

Congregation pay respects (song)

Celebratory Mass/Service (Sample layout of Ceremony)

Opening (song)

Psalm (song)

Offertory (song)

Sign of Peace (song)

Communion (song)

Farewell (song)

Below are a sample of hymns and contemporary songs you can choose from. Again, if there is a song you would like sung that’s not on the list please let me know.


Be not afraid, Be still my soul, Christ be beside me, Eagles wings, Going home, The lord is my shephard, I watch the sunrise, He is lord, Ag Criost on Siol, How great thou art, The clouds veil, Make me a channel of your peace.

Spiritual/Contemporary /Irish/Gospel Songs

You’ve got a friend, The Rose, Fields of gold, Over the rainbow, In the arms of an angel, Bright eyes, You raise me up, Down to the river to pray, Wind beneath my wings, The Prayer, Tears in heaven, Jesus remember me, The parting glass, Amazing Grace, Arms of the Angel, The Voyage, Let it be, Danny Boy, Bright blue rose, No frontiers, Carrickfergus, She moved through the fair, Town I loved so well, Rare oul times, Songbird.



“Hi Grace, Thank you so much for singing at our wedding. Your singing was fantastic and you have such a beautiful voice. Lots of my guests said how lovely it was so I just wanted to thank you and tell you I will be recommending you to lots of people!”

Stephanie and James
16th July 2016


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